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Robert Garza Announces Candidacy for the Texas State Senate, District 19

Updated: May 24, 2022

To My Friends and Voters of Texas State Senate District 19

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Texas State Senate, District 19, in the upcoming Republican Primary and General Election in November. I believe that our state and district are currently facing many critical issues needing immediate solutions.

The current border crisis is one of the most challenging issues in our history. The current

administration has, in effect, created an "open borders" policy without congressional approval by allowing the massive influx of immigrants (more than 2.3 million since January, 2021) from all parts of the world under very tenuous "claims of asylum" - often without any regard for national security and public safety (lack of screening for Covid, tuberculosis, etc.).

Now, more than ever, it is incumbent on every public official - federal, state and local - to publicly voice opposition to this de facto "open borders policy" and seek strict enforcement of immigration laws.

The special needs of our border area have severely overburdened our law enforcement agencies, streets, service facilities, etc. It is entirely unfair for our border communities to solely bear the burdens, costs and expenses associated with the role of a major gateway into our state and country.

Our transportation infrastructure is also in desperate need of improvements. Highways 90 & 277 in the western portion of District 19 need to be upgraded to a four lane road. We need immediate relief of traffic congestion on IH 35 North from San Antonio to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and on Culebra Road in the Alamo Ranch area outside 1604 in San Antonio.

Our common goals also include the need for well-equipped law enforcement agencies,

economic growth and jobs, a strong military, a stronger educational system, the protection of private property rights, the support of the 2nd amendment, property tax relief, quality of life activities, and transparency in all levels of government.

I believe that my prior service with the City of Del Rio - as Mayor, City Council-at-Large & City Attorney - and with the San Felipe Del Rio I.S.D. School Board of Trustees - as President, Vice-President, Secretary & member - has given me a unique and insightful understanding of the needs of our district as well as the background and experience to tackle these issues and to strongly advocate for the interests of Senate District 19. I humbly ask for your vote and support in the upcoming elections.


Many thanks to my friends for your support. In response to questions, the population of Texas Senate District 19 is 911,273. The race includes only me and the Democrat.

The district includes all of the following counties: Val Verde, Maverick, Kinney, Uvalde, Real, Zavala Frio, Terrell, Crockett, and Edwards.

The district also includes parts of the following counties: Bexar (34%), Guadalupe , Brewster, and Atascosa.

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