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Our country currently faces some of the most serious crises that the USA has ever experienced in its entire history. Inflation is on a 40 year high, gas prices are soaring due to the refusal to drill fossil fuels, supply shortages are rampant (including baby formula), interest rates are again climbing, millions of undocumented immigrants are entering the country unvetted (for health reasons or otherwise) under the “open borders policy,” our law enforcement and their resources are at the point of exhaustion, our border patrol are serving as administrative agents to process illegal immigrants on tenuous asylum claims, our detention facilities are overcrowded and new facilities cannot be built fast enough, sanctuary cities have risen to protect illegal immigrants, the left seeks to defund the police, and repeat criminals and offenders are granted quick and easy release from custody.


In less than 16 months, our country went from a strong, booming economy to a disastrous state of affairs. The worst part is that the downward spiral continues to spin downward and to further deteriorate our economy and quality of life. Texas has thankfully taken a leadership role in an effort to mitigate some of the effects of the failed policies and actions of the administration.


Now, more than ever, it is incumbent on every public official - federal, state and local - to publicly voice opposition to the "open borders policy," to seek strict enforcement of immigration laws, to support the drilling of fossil fuels and to otherwise oppose the failed and ill-fated policies of the current administration. We urge you to force every public official seeking elective office to take a public position on each of these issues and to publicly disclose their hidden views on these critical issues. Please remember - the failure to openly oppose means that these individuals tacitly approve the current actions of the administration causing the crisis!

Basic Values

• protection of private property rights

• 2nd amendment constitutional right to carry

• traditional family values

• freedom of religion in all public institutions

• transparency in all levels of government

Goals & Objectives


• economic stability & growth

• attract new business & new jobs

• support & promote energy independence & fossil fuels


• oppose critical race theory

• supports parental bill of rights

• adequate funding for public school education

• eliminate property taxes

Border Security

• strongly oppose open borders

• strengthen border security

• oppose illegal immigration


• improve state highways & transportation facilities

• expand state highway 90 & 277

• immediate relief of traffic congestion on 1604 & 35 areas

Law & Order

• support local & state law enforcement

• oppose defunding the police


• protect federal military bases

• support strong military

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